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Originally Posted by UZI4U
Want to put some money on that?

Ever heard that gambling is forbidden in Italy?

Originally Posted by UZI4U
That toy does nothing better than the M2, its only advantage is lighter weight.
Lighter weight does not a total replacement make.

Lighter weight and lower rate of fire in the XM312-LHMG makes it more controllable, steadier in fire, and all of the above, in conjunction with its last-generation aiming system, makes target engagement faster and with higher hits ratio.

Sure, this doesn't makes a total replacement, if you need a weapon that has to spray out hundreds of bullets with no need to hit the target.

Plus, remember, the M2 is something like a 80-years-old concept. How long will it be proficuously usable in modern combats?

Nonetheless, it still puts a helluva fire through.

BTW, this should be in the "General Firearms discussion". What about opening an "XM312-LHMG Vs. Browning M2" there? No, seriously, I wouldn't dislike to hear from somebody (member of the Military, maybe?) who has had both the luck to shoot the M2 and to test-fire the XM312-LHMG.
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