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Red face

[first post]

Hey, if you have read the new "AWB 2007" proposal (see it in my "OMFG!" post in the Political discussion), they want to ban as "Assault weapons" the RUGER MINI-14 and the M1 CARBINE.

What to say... another occasion lost to STFU and think.

[second post]

Let's face it...

How many possibilities does it has to pass?

IMHO, close to zero. If you think:

#1 - That, AFAIK, ther AWB 2007 contradicts in many points the "Gun Owners Protection Act" of 1986, which is permanent, and because of these contradictions this new AWB could not enter in effectiveness or should be heavily modified;

#2 - That not even all Democrats are anti-guns (remember, when the "Brady Bill" AWB was passed back in 1994, it was made to expire within 10 years, 'cause if they had proposed it to be permanent, most Democrats themselves would not have voted it anyway);

Well, if you have "your people" (you know what I mean with that) do their part for the good, you have some decent possibilities to pass through this proposals, virtually, undamaged.

But, again, you can never know...

[apologies for editing your two posts into one... Just trying to clean things up so the list is near the top of the thread. The content is unharmed, just moved]
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