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Default Classes: What does this do?

Class will determine your basic abilities and deciding your education into combat.

Privateer: A survival enthusiast and/or collector. You have anticipated this kind of situation before and stockaded your weapons accordingly. Familiarity of exotic weapons or military arms is limited. Weapons proficiency is mostly limited to common small arms and/or hunting/sporting needs.

Veteran: Until volunteered retirement before or forced out after the Z-apocalypse, you've got some miltary background. Thus enabling you to reasonably objective your aims in surviving. Background in survival is moderate, but your bread and butter is thick combat. Able to handle heavy weapons and some long range, the main toast to your success is deliberate action rather than cunning.

Ranger: A scout hybrid that focuses on limited conflict. Stealth is essential as your abilities to track aid you in the field and strategy comforts you at home. proficient at small arms, the real truth is the ability to handle ranged weapons. A glorified hunter, your abilities to plan, however, can seem rather rudimentary.

Rambo/Road Warrior: The Soeciety's collapse was just the excuse you needed to break out the Harley and your old leathers. You travel light, and despite your gruesome presence, prefer speed over muscle. An excellent mix of weapons skills, you still prefer to do your work up close and person. Your choice in weapons sticks mostly to personal defense and large edged weapons. The best class for melee.

Engineer: The mad scientist of the bunch, your credo is "Will Do" over the old "Can Do." Moderate at most light firearms, your weapon of choice goes boom. Somewhere beteen chemist and mechanic, you let your little toys do the talking for you. The down spot is your survival skills are at a low, knowing more about make chunks of zombies fly than how to fry an egg. The most group friendly type of player, you fall back or step up to supply support where you can, how you can. Whether it's fixing a weapon or clearing wreckage with a can of ether, grape koolaid, and silly putty-- you're happy just having something to do.

Medic: Don't let anyone fool you, this is more than wet nurse to a group of survivors. A medic's knowledge of field medicine can easily remedy up to a mortal wound. Those with a background in virology and pharmecology can even kill off a minor infection if they have the components on hand and can get to the boo-boo fast enough.

Professional: Despite your upbringing, you tend to be more secretive than most. You hold to a private agenda, relying on coniving and scheming to get around most obstacles rather than rise above them. The quickest of the groups, this also necessitates a preference to small concealable weapons: pistols (with and without silencers) and blades.

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