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Default MK23 char

Player: Mk23

Name: Ryan R.
NickName: (None)
Age: 22
Lvl: 1
Sign: Tiger for Chinese Zodiac, Taurus for Western
Class: Professional
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Physical Description:
182cm (...I've been in Taiwan over 6 months straight, I can't think in English measurements anymore); black hair that reaches mid-back length. 100kg, although looks closer to 85, with a lot of the weight in leg muscle development. Nearly-black eyes.

Distinguishing features: Almost always wears eyeglasses. Black, half-frame Ray-Ban frames with rectangular lenses. The lenses are safety glass with no prescription. His vision had been corrected surgically prior to the outbreak.

Attire at game start: Basic black BDU; combat boots with kevlar toe and heel; lightweight modular load bearing vest; 'web armor' around forearms, biceps, thighs and calves; fingerless gloves with weighted knuckles. His trademark safety-glass eyeglasses.

Vehicle: Modified 2003 Cadillac Escalade ESV (Black)

Personality: Nihilistic. Often amuses himself by taking a subject and boiling it down to as close to the root cause (as he sees it) as he can get, and almost invariably comes to sides of human nature that most don't like to admit exist. Very devoted to the ideas of personal freedoms, living as close to the philosophy of 'you're free to do anything you want except take freedom from others' as he can (although he errs on the side of 'do anything you want' rather than 'don't take freedom from others'). Studies Zen (primarily because speaking from a Zen mindset pisses people off, and that amuses him greatly). Has a large number of high-profile contacts in the private sector, including people in FN, HK, Unertl, C-More, Beretta/Burris, Magpul, TDI, and even Blackwater. Prefers to fight either in close, or through a sniper scope, partly because there's a lot of artistry involved with either method, and partly because he just prefers to see his targets' faces as he kills them. An early supporter of the ideals of Neo Sparta.

Background: Born outside the USA in Taiwan, and raised in that Eastern culture for most of his early childhood (which explains the apathetic undertones in most of his personal philosphy). Studied and trained in various martial arts since age 7, including Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, American Kenpo, Iaido, and several styles of Kung Fu. Started training himself seriously in firearms use and tactical movement at age 13, ever since his first exposure to airsoft. Studied military history from the present day, all the way back to the Greek Hoplites, but his favorite era is the Three Kingdoms era of ancient China. Has also made a point over time to invite every single person he knows in town to firing ranges, and subsequently encouraging them to purchase their own firearms, helping them choose which one to buy based on their budget, and then even training them in the use of their weapon. Upon the zombie outbreak he took refuge in his company office building and warehouse, in an area of town away from residential neighborhoods. The warehouse happened to store most of his extensive firearms collection, as well as prototype optics, and samples of completed optic equipment that the government would apparenly rather not let into civilian hands.

Equipment (on person):

-HK45F Tactical with Insight LAM-1000/ILWLP (rear waist holster, for right-handed draw, pistol-grip pointed downwards. Long mag pouch on holster used to store suppressor).

-Second HK45F Tactical with Insight LAM-1000/ILWLP (shoulder holster on right side for left-handed draw with two mag pouches on holster, one used to store suppressor).

-Professional Arms MK5 retractable stock SBR with HK scope mount rail for Insight ISM-IR, Knights RAS forend with vertical foregrip and tactical light w/extending knife blade, and custom made attachment for left side rails to attach 3-lug-mount suppressor for storage when not in use. (sling set up so that the weapon normally rests against the right hip and thigh, muzzle downward).

-Dark Ops Interceptor E&E Knife (sheath on left shoulder of vest, inverted)

-Victorinox Swisstool (pouch on right shoulder of vest)

-KA-BAR Hobo knife with can opener (small pouch on belt)

-'United States Marines' Zippo lighter (pouch on belt, next to KA-BAR Hobo knife)

-Hanwei Bainite 'Mantis' Katana (left waist)

-Hanwei Bainite 'Oni' Katana (back, with handle over left shoulder)

-Nokia N95 Cell Phone with folding headset (pouch on right side of chest)

-Garmin RINO 120 Radio with folding headset (pouch on left side of chest)

-Blackhawk hydration pack with 3.5 litres of water; one water test kit with purification tablets, one box of power bars, one first aid kit in main compartment; MK5 .22LR conversion kit and 4 mags in the secondary compartment; basic survival kit (includes folding solar battery-charger panel, and a hand-cranked battery charger) in the front pouch.

-MCU-2P gas mask in pouch on rear left of belt with 3 extra filters

-Pouch next to gas mask pouch containing Oakley Gascan sunglasses, and a Night Owl I-Gen digital night vision monocle.

-Two custom-made machetes, one 18", one 12", sheaths attached to modular straps on the sides of the backpack.

-14 HK45 mags (8 on left side of vest, 1 in shoulder holster mag pouch, 3 on front right on belt, 1 on each forearm web-armor piece)

-8 MP5 9mm mags (4 on right side of vest, 2 on the outside of each calf)

-4 Cold Steel Delta Darts (2 concealed in each forearm web-armor piece)

Vehicle kit:

-Heavily modified Remington 870 Express Super Magnum 26" (full length magazine tube, Mesa Tactical high tube adapter, ACE M4 SOCOM folding stock, Magpul MIAD grip, custom full length top rail with iron sights and aimpoint optic, 4-shell sureshell adapter-mount shell holder on right side, behind ejection port, tactical LED light mounted on top rail with offset mount, surefire rail forend, vertical foregrip, green laser in front of foregrip, custom rail mount shell-holders on side rails (8 shells each), Blackhawk shotshell sling (15 shells) (mounted above middle window on left side)

-HK91 with paddle mag release, Magpul PRS stock, B&T Rail forend, B&T Tri-rail upper mount with brass catcher, basic 6x rifle scope, tactical light, Insight AN/PEQ2A, Bayonet adapter and Eickhorn-Solingen G3/L Bayonet. Spare rail space used for custom-made rail-mounted storage tubes for batteries (mounted above middle window on right side)

-Weatherby MkV Accumark .300 Win Mag with McMillan A-5 stock (3-way adjustable buttpad, thumbwheel cheekpiece, freeland rail, versapod handstop and bipod) and prototype programmable ballistic-computer riflescope (mounted above rear window on right side)

-Kel-Tec PLR-16 with muzzle brake, brass deflector and rail forend. Vertical foregrip, tactical light, and Aimpoint optic (in mounted pistol case that replaces driver side sun visor)

-Wild West Arms Bushwacker Takedown (mounted pistol case that replaces passenger side sun visor)

-2x modified Glock 34s (CCF Alloy Frames with 1911 grip angle, threaded barrels, Insight M6X LAMs) (passenger air bag removed and converted to storage space for Glock 34s and suppressors)

-S&W M460 14" Hunter with vertical foregrip and basic 3x scope (mounted over rear window on left side)

-Tromix Saiga 12 8" with HK Sights, ACE M4 SOCOM Stock, rail forend, vertical foregrip, and Insight M6X Long Gun LAM (mounted over rear window on left side, behind S&W M460)

-Ammo crate-sized containers, two on each side of the passenger area, stacked one on top of the other (bolted together). The top ones open upwards, and contain ammunition (one on the right has two compartments of 9x19mm and .45 ACP ammunition that take up half the container, the other half is one compartment of 12 gauge shells. The one on the left has the same two compartments of 9x19mm and .45, but the other half is two more compartments with 7.62x51mm and .300 Win Mag). The bottom boxes open towards the inside (the one on the right is full of MREs, the one on the left with containers of drinking water). The seats of the vehicle have been removed to make room for the containers, which can be used as seating.

-Effectively a chest-of-drawers in the rear, nearly flush with the rear hatch, with drawers that can slide out into the vehicle, or out towards the back with the hatch open. They contain a set of lighter clothing, a seat of cold-weather clothing, mag pouches and web gear for changing personal attire to be more optimized for carrying other weapons, a set of prototype 'HUD-projection' night vision goggles (slightly bigger than paintball goggles, with lenses in the frames, and a wire leading to a processor pack. Uses I-Gen digital night vision technology), a bow that's just simple enough to use arrows that he might make out in the field; one drawer with 8 extra MP5 9mm mags, and 8 extra HK45 mags; and one drawer with a laptop and Iridium 9505A in case with solar charging panel and magnetic mount antenna for vehicle. The top of the chest functions nicely as a desktop for the laptop and Iridium 9505A, using one of the ammo crates as a seat.

-The two storage compartments to the sides of where the rearmost seat would normally be each contain 10 Magpul PMags, 10 G3 mags, and 5 10rd Saiga mags

-Hardcases attached to the ceiling behind the driver and passenger side seats contain 4 extra gas mask filters each.

-Glove box contains 4 33rd Glock 9mm mags, 6 17rd Glock 9mm mags. (as well as a road map of course)

-That cup-holder/CD-holder apparatus between the driver and passenger seats is removed to allow access to the rear of the vehicle without exiting the vehicle

-Box containing general camping gear (shelter, camping stove, etc.) is secured to roof of the vehicle

-Two fuel drums are secured to roof of vehicle behind the camping gear box to extend range.

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