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Default Jzildzic

Player: jzildzic

Name: Jason storm
Nick Name: jase
Age: 24
Lvl: 1
Sign: scorpion
Region: Northern California
Class: Rambo

Physical Description: I am 24 year old man who is 58 and weights 189lb. I am average height and have short black hair and Blue eyes. I have strong legs, but weak upper body. I need to use glasses because of my eyes being not 20/20 vision.

Current (at game start) attire:
-work boots for running, walking, or fighting
-military BDU
-cold wheatear wool gloves
-baseball cap
-doctor prescription glasses (Silver)

Vehicle: Honda civic (blue)
Personality: I am realist who knows situation of this world of zombies who like to eat human or turn us into the zombie. I am very good nature person and a loyal friend. I help anybody in need on road or on the street. I love to fight on for survivors.

Background: I am a novella writer and book reader who likes to shoot guns. I read many books about military history and weaponry. When the zombie outbreak started, I heard about Sparta fortress on internet and it was safest place in former United States and I left to explore it and join these survivors of outbreak.

Equipment: (on person)
-several Bic lighters
- Machete on back
-Ka bar in the holster
-shoulder holster with 5 magazines and silencer (M-92f the handgun of my choice)
-hip holster with 5 magazines (M1911 the backup handgun)
-shotgun with 90 shells (m870 with cut down muzzle and stock with flashlight underneath of the weapon)
-radio and headset

Kit: (Equip on hand)
-rations for 4 days
-shelter for two people
-protective suite
-Sub- machine gun and 7 magazines (Uzi with collapsible stock for support)
-assault riffles and total of 16 magazines (M4a1 with aim point scope and silencer, and Yugoslavian AK-47 with collapsible stock for support)
-sniper rifle with 12 magazines (Yugoslavian Dragonov with high powered scope and silencer)
-mechanics tools

Special Skill/Ability: great sniper and good scout

General Skills:
-driving/mechanic (second one I am not provisiant)

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