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Default I really can't claim any particular style as my own here.

I've learned... tons. Just lots and lots, but not really sticking with any of them.

First was what was then being called 'Kenpo Karate' at about 6-8 years old... had a hiatus until I got back into martial arts (and firearms at the same time ) at age 12 or so. Started taking Judo, and a heavily Karate-biased 'freeform combat' then... dropped judo in exchange for the Iaido (sword) class they also had at that hour in the dojo... eventually had to change to a different dojo because I moved to the other side of town... so then went to Krav Maga (which also comprehensively covered knife and machete fighting) and kickboxing (the instructor was teaching Thai-style, not American-style!).

Went to Taiwan then, and started Liu He Ba Fa, eventually decided to drop (with the suggestion from the instructor). Switched to Xing Yi Quan, stuck with that until I came back from Taiwan.

Started Jeet Kune Do here again, along with picking up Iaido once more.

I'm going back to Taiwan mid-summer, and probably going to either pick Xing Yi Quan back up, or go to Ba Gua Zhang.
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