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Originally Posted by JCoyote
Yeah, well, I've got it on good authority wheelbarrows are ideal EMP proof transportation too. LOL.

Oh, the memories that brings back...

But anyway, it shouldn't be too hard just to find a used bike in decent condition. Kick starts were the norm for a long time and pretty damn EMP resistant.

I had a little Kawasaki 80cc for a long time, it was decent for getting a single adult around handily. Just the 2 cycle engine made a hell of a racket. But it was light enough I could carry it if I had to... also nice. So the light engines might actually be an advantage for these.

My only real issue with motorcycles per for survival has to do with towing capacity... limited and hard to accomplish with a dirtbike. While normally I'm not much of a fan of 4 wheelers, for longer term survival I can see advantages there. One with a decent engine can be used for all kinds of things a motorcycle wouldn't be useful for. Longer trips with a trailer for supplies especially come to mind. Hauling things to a market. Even clearing snow and plowing fields in looser soil. (But an ox is better for that, and more edible if need be.) I would think a decent power kick-start 4 wheeler would be good. If you need any more than that, get a small jeep/samurai and seal up some spare electrics in a grounded or buried metal box.

I agree on pretty much all points... A Dirt Bike isn't as much for long-term survival use [where a four wheeler, or hell, a horse would be better] as much as it's for SHTF GTFOD [Get The Fook Outta Dodge] use. If there's a place a Dirt Bike can't get to, you'll need a helicopter for it...

I see a short-term, SHTF GTFOD situation as being much more realistic than anything long term. If one needs to get around, and the main roads are clogged beyond use or dangerous, a dirt bike is the ticket.

That doesn't mean I don't plan for long-haul SHTF, however .
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