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Originally Posted by Jabroni
Does anyone know about a stealth fighter plane called the F-19A Specter?
Heard about it somewhere and there were model kits of it made by Monogram, Does it exist?

No, that aircraft does not exist, nor any other aircraft that goes by the name 'F-19'. F-19 was skipped on request from Northop, so that their new Super F-5 would get the much-cooler number "F-20".

Odds are we'll never fill that gap. There is no F-19 for the same reason there are so many gaps between F-22 and F-35.

There is another one known as the 'Aurora' which is a black triangle shaped recon platform that travels at Mach 6+! believed to have replaced the SR-71

There are several craft that have replaced the SR-71, but none of them were ever known as 'Aurora'.
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