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Originally Posted by Jabroni
Who thinks a Navalised F-15 should replace the F-14 Tomcat?,

There's really no point, it has been replaced by the F/A-18E because the F/A-18E better meets the needs of the Navy. If any aircraft is ever built to fill the same role as the F-14, it will probably be based on the F-22, not the F-15.

The F-15 is part of a dying breed, to spend money to totally redesign them and start a new production line would be a waste.

There were actually plans for one incase the Tomcat never made it to the USN back in the early 1970s.

And there were also plans to make a Naval F-117, doesn't make much sense in retrospect.

Jet Jockeys who fly the new F/A-18 'Super' Hornet say that the new hornet is not as good as it was meant to be.

Not many say that, most of the F/A-18E pilots love the new bird, it's two generations ahead of the F-14 when it comes to fire-control, communications and avionics.

To top it off, the maintenance chiefs are glad to see the F-14 go, they have to spend five times the manhours to keep an F-14 flying than an F-18.

The F-14 Tomcat is my best jet of all time

THe F-14 is a good bird, but the F/A-22 currently holds that title.

but i still think the F-15 is somehow more reliable.

Not to mention better armed, with better fire control, better radar and better avionics...

It is even better than the new Super Hornet and it should be chosen for the Perfect Tomcat replacement

It's not better than the F/A-18E, the F-15 may be somewhat faster and longer ranged, with slightly better long-range combat abilities, but at close range the F/A-18E has the edge in every way. Let's not forget that the F/A-18E is the most survivable jet to yet enter service.

Any new combat aircraft [with the exception of light support and gunship] started at this point has to be stealthy. If it isn't, it's a waste of money.

The F-15 is not, and cannot be made stealthy. The F/A-18E has some LO features, which gives it yet another one of its edges.

If the Navy ever gets the money for another brand-new fighter, it will be a stealthy one, not anything based on the F-15.

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