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Originally Posted by UZI4U
I agree on pretty much all points... A Dirt Bike isn't as much for long-term survival use [where a four wheeler, or hell, a horse would be better] as much as it's for SHTF GTFOD [Get The Fook Outta Dodge] use. If there's a place a Dirt Bike can't get to, you'll need a helicopter for it...

I see a short-term, SHTF GTFOD situation as being much more realistic than anything long term. If one needs to get around, and the main roads are clogged beyond use or dangerous, a dirt bike is the ticket.

Then I would suggest something in the 80cc range. Although the other bikes have more muscle, the small ones have plenty of pep and more importantly, if you run into a fence or obstruction you can't go around or over with it, you can just THROW it over the fence then climb over after it. I'm starting to wish I hadn't sold mine. For what you are suggesting, it does seem superior to bikes with larger engines.

I would look for an accessory to hold a spare gas can with it though. For most places about 100 miles is the needed range though... if there isn't a place within 100 miles that's probably better to be at the moment than where you are, there probably isn't anywhere anyway.
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