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Originally Posted by UZI4U
People said the same things about the B-2 fleet, yet it has seen combat in every major American conflict seen since it was put into service.

The B-2s cost ten times what the F-22s will, per each. They also carried much more advanced tech for the time they were introduced than the F-22 does now [considering how much tech has advanced in that time].

Then again, one must keep in mind that there is considerable weight to the theory that each B-2 has an integrated 500 ton nuclear device for self-destruct, in the event that it should be lost over unfriendly territory.

But of course, we could do the same thing with the F-22s...
Yes but a B-2's one shot run over enemy territory is nothing like daily sorties. The risk and loss potential on a B-2 mission is very low and most times they aren't used long term. We run B-2's for a few days in engagements, but our fighters provide aircap for months on end.

Also, even if a B-2 did go down, and even if some people did get ahold of a bit of tech from it, it's a LARGE integrated system. We are pretty much the only nation in the world that can even afford to have the damn things. The very expense is a protection. The F-22 on the other hand... Britain, Israel, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, perhaps China and lord knows India in a few years... could all make serious use of any piece of F-22 they can get. I know, a lot of those are allies. Even so, they are entitled to their own secrets and so are we.

Also, the B2's are never actually fielded from outside the US. They are maintained and stationed here, some of them just a few miles from my house. When they bomb something they go over there and come back. They never land or take off from a runway that isn't stateside. But the F-22's can't run aircap sorties from the other side of the world. They'd have to be landing and taking off from airfields in that zone. Big difference. Maintaining security is hard enough over there.

And... as for capability... the planes we had from before are fine for maintaining long term aircap. They don't need to use their top speeds the vast majority of the time. And previous fighters just can't keep up speed for too long. The F-22's on the other hand... supercruise lets them rundown anything in their range at supersonic speeds. That is a significant advantage in any sort of 9-11 replay. The ability to run a true supersonic interception, and not just dash, is pretty much unique to the F-22. It's not needed there, but here it might be.
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