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Default Survived 110 to 130 mph winds

My small ass town got kicked in the balls by extreme winds.Trees were down every were.I tried taking the normal route home only to find 6 trees down across the road I cut my way through 5 trees with a M-9 bayonet only to reach the 6th tree that was a 18 inches around.I wasen't going to get through that. So I backed up into the darkness Hoping not to drive off the road,went back through all that crap out to SR 22 cut over to SR 668 and headed south once again trying to make my way home Volenteer firefighters were cutting up a tree that fell across the road their so I jumped out and help get that cleared out.A mile down the road yet another this one tangled in power lines none of us wanted to fuck with that. So back up to SR-22 and tried going south on SR13 almost got to were I needed to be Yet another huge tree in the power lines. I cut down a side road and cut through 2 more trees and managed to get to the town of Rehobeth and made my way east from their what is normally a one hour trip home turned out to take 4 hours.
I've since bought one of those folding camp saws that I keep in my truck. Sure beats a Bayonet.
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