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Wink Don't know if knives can be considered part of this...

...but if you think they do, then you should REALLY take a look at this.

WASP Injection Systems Inc. is marketing the "WASP Injection Knife", a fixed-blade knife that houses a compressed gas bottle inside the grip. The correct tactical/military/defensive use for this weapon is to insert the blade in your target (stab it, that's it), and then push the trigger button on the blade guard to deliver a 24 gr ball shot of compressed frozen gas through the blade and inside your opponent instantly, at an 800psi pressure. Definitely enough to bring down a grizzly bear or a shark, figure out a human being. HERE's a video of the WASP Injection knife used against, well... a watermelon... you get the idea, though. In the West Midlands (UK), the Birmingham Mail newspaper has already launched an "alert" on how deadly dangerous this knife could be on their streets...

The current retail price (can be ordered directly from WASP Inc.) is exactly 379.95 US$, which is pretty pricy for a knife... but well, let's consider it an investment if you're into dangerous activities that can put you in contact with shark, grizzlies, or infidels...

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