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Originally Posted by Mk23
You're saying that the proper use for the F-22A Raptor is...

A 338 million dollar hangar queen.

No, I'm saying it's currently deployed for national defense. Given the amount of airspace we have here, and the fact that we don't have fighters in the air all over 24/7, the F-22 is great for defense here. Mach 2 is nice, but if you can only pull it for 5 minutes it doesn't do that much good. The F-22 is exactly whats needed to get things fast without having to run a continuous air cover.

Whereas the places we are deployed HAVE a continuous air cover. While the F-22 would be good there, it'd be a bit like issuing anti-tank artillery against medieval knights. What we already have in the air there is already far beyond anything we've run into. So the extra advantages of the F-22 would be pointless anyway. Until we run into something more challenging, it's better to leave the world in the dark about what our best stuff can really do.

The B-2 on the other hand, has no air defense role. It's only use is to pound things a long way away. The F-22 is an air dominance fighter. It's for defense. So keep the best defense where it's most important. Here.
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