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I've distrusted Ratzinger from the first pic I saw of him. His choice of a medieval papal name is telling, as is his statements regarding having a smaller, more committed church. (Guess what that meant when the medieval pope he named himself for talked about such things?) He was Hitler Jugend, and it's stupid but Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandoes called the nazis... ratzis. Funny coincidence.

That said, he was actually making an honest point about the contradiction of faith through violence. It is very telling that in response to a centuries old accusation that Islam spreads faith through violence, a number of Islamists have responded to this vile lie by saying they will spread their faith through violence. Ummm... wasn't Ratzinger trying to make a point about belief involving reason? Does ANYONE in the Islamic world realize that a harsh reaction to the Pope's statements proves him right
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