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PT, you have my sympathy for the attack on the hospital in Mogadishu, the death of a noncombatant female, especially one who had dedicated her life to helping others, is a tragedy, and a warcrime.

While we disagree a great deal on matters of religion, I know we can both agree that no group has a right to force others to believe in any ideal. Doing so by violence is even worse.

There are groups in the Islamic world, large and powerful groups, who wish to do exactly that. They wish to see Rome captured and sacked by their followers, and with it Paris, London, Dublin, Bern, Brussels, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Bucharest, Vienna, Canberra, Athens, Jerusalem, Washington, New York and Ottawa.

I think their ability to do exactly that is far more realistic than we would like to admit.

We must stand together against it, or we may yet again repeat the fate that befell Constantinople and the Byzantine empire, plunging the western world into a second dark age.

You have my promise of full support should your nation ever face a realization of the threats Islamic Fascists have made against you.

I hope you will return the favor.
Am Yisrael Chai!
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