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Default Uzi...

As the defense, I would like to submit that I am completely screwed as for any idea to proclaim my clients innocence in any way shape or form.

But as his poorly done mockery of the word 'defence' shows, which is no more or less valid a spelling than 'grey' is, instead of 'gray', or 'colour' is instead of 'color', this man is clearly not operating at average mental capacity for an adult, and I therefore submit that he be tried as an infant, or a minor at the very least if it pleases the court.

I would also like to submit a plea of completely batshit insane, more to further distance myself from my client rather than alleviate his penalty, as of course the court is aware, there is only one penalty for the charges brought forth.

And if it also pleases the court, I would very much like to take an aspirin, and go lay down somewhere with a cold pack on my forehead, as the gross overuse of legal jargon I have just demonstrated has proven to bring about headaches in my person.
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