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Originally Posted by Tyler Durden
I drive a hybrid so I get the first 50 miles on efficiently produced electricity

"Efficiently produced" does not mean no fossils were harmed in the creation of said energy, it just means you hired someone else to burn them and then transfer the energy to you via powergrid, but I won't hold you responsible for the people who live under the high tension lines. You still wasted fuel and hurt the environment for a completely and utterly unnecessary reason. The fact remains you went above and beyond all necessity in pursuing posting in violation of a ban to the extent it had repercussions on the environment and the price of fuel, raising it so working class people will find it that much harder to afford the fuel to buy groceries for their children. You heartless bastard.

Your attempt to distract the process by pointing out actions of other people are of no consequence, your actions are being considered in contrast to your own supposed beliefs.

There is evidence of multiple levels of idiocy and hypocrisy working in a premeditated way to the detriment of your fellow man for the purpose of pointless self aggrandizement and ego.

1. Guilty
2. Guilty
3. Guilty - in an utterly, pointlessly idiotic way
4. Guilty - Freedom of Speech only allows you to create your own fucking board, not be a jackass on everyone else's. That no one would visit your personal board is irrelevant.
5. Guilty - See below

Originally Posted by Tyler Durden
I wonder if guns make you violent or if violent people are drawn to guns? Amusing either way.
Which is an indication of personal perspective...
Originally Posted by Tyler Durden
Yes I have guns
Which in light of the other statement, and Tyler's "legal or not" advocacy of action against our president on several occasions, points to Tyler believing his own guns have made him violent... or he was drawn to them because he was violent. Either way, continuing to allow Tyler to be a jackass in the presence of a firearms board does him a disservice as he has stated perpetuation of violence in his own personality interrelated with firearms. I can only conclude, that given Tyler's obsessive posting and harassment of this board, that he cannot help himself in his obsessive compulsive drive to interact with firearms and experts on them. So we must take the first step and help him, by locking him out of this board in hope that he will seek counseling for his own self perpetuating cycle of violent obsession before it hurts himself or others.

It might seem cruel, and I'm certain his withdrawal symptoms will drive him to attempt to circumvent things, but we must stand firm in this if we really want to help Tyler with his issues.
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