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Default It's not like anybody is giving a flying f**K about that, d'ya know?

We are in the world of ultra-capitalism and globalized economy. This world is no longer made out of Nation-States, based on common values and beliefs, but on MARKET-States, that are worth what they can sell and buy.

In this world, it's sad to say but you'll have to admit it, China is the PERFECT Country. It has an ultra-liberist economic policy (yep, under that point of view, Communism has vanished: one of the most common principles in China today is that the best way for s.o. to honour the memory of President Ma Zedong is to "see his face printed on as many banknotes as possible"). In China, today, everybody can do basically anything they want to get rich, and is an enormous market of about 2 bn of consumers and sellers/buyers. So: economic freedom, but mind, not political/social/civil freedom. But nobody gives a s**t about, 'cause in the globalized world of Market-States, political freedom, social equity or civil rights are NO LONGER fundamental. The only necessary freedom is the freedom to make money. I'll tell you more: in the globalized world of market-States, the political freedoms, the social equity, the civil rights, are an hindrance to economy.

It's a typical demonstration of the cyclic nature of history. We are getting back to the social and economic conditions of the dawn of the 20th Century, the end of the 2nd Industrial revolution, when labour had basically no rights. We have reached this as a consequence of the fall of the Communist bloc, with the world economic market opened to an enormous new mass of people wanting to buy goods, and seel their workmanship for a very small price. After the end of the Cold War, many people, especially here in Europe, started stating that maybe the Left-wing ideologies and the Labour rights movements them are based upon were now "old and surpassed", and we have been taught that it was good, now, to strip workers of the rights they had conquered in years of fight, in name of capitalism and profit. Now we are getting back to a situation that actually prompted the BIRTH of those Left-wing ideologies: communism, socialism, anarchism. I'd expect to see a revamping very soon.
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