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Default Hmmm...

Analists here in Italy state that this is probably a byzantine move to bolster Kim Jong-Un's leadership figure with the North Korean public opinion AND Armed Forces, mostly within the most conservative members of the establishment. An escalation of the conflict would have lots of cons for North Korea, and not solely its total destruction. The very same day, the government of the People's Republic of China, although being the only one in the world not to officially condemn the bombing, has issued a note stating that the loss of life was "deeply saddening", and that had to be seen as a "further reason to restart dialogues for peace in the Korean peninsula". The message is sybilline and cryptic, but it is also fairly clear to those who understand how China moves diplomatically, and is entirely aimed at North Korea: "Stop screwing around, we are your only true ally in the world with the exception of Iran, and we make billions of dollars yearly trading with South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the United States. We actually gain from trading with them in one single year more than you could pay for armaments procurement from us in a decade. We will not let you ruin everything. Step out of the path, and you are on your own."
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