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Default Some good news out of Arizona

Arizona Governor Napolitano Signs Castle Doctrine Legislation Into Law!

Monday, April 24, 2006
Senate Bill 1145 the "Castle Doctrine" legislation sponsored by Senator Timothy Bee (D-30) and Representative Jonathan Paton (R-30), was signed by Governor Janet Napolitano Monday, April 24.

Senate Bill 1145 has two components. One is Castle Doctrine, which presumes you are justified in the use of force if you believe you are in danger of serious bodily harm or death within your home or occupied vehicle. The second and most significant component is the return of the burden of proof in self-defense cases to the state, so law-abiding citizens who are forced to actually use their firearms or other means of protection for self-defense will not be wrongfully imprisoned or financially devastated by costs associated with their legal defense. They will once again be presumed innocent – consistent with the American system of justice.

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