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Default Armchair commando time. STALKER should be an interesting scenario.

The basic premise (taking liberties from the actual game story), is that instead of gradually shutting down the Chernobyl reactors, a decision was made to continue their operation for (ostensibly) economic reasons.

August, 2012: An unknown incident takes place at the existing exclusion zone in Chernobyl, Ukraine, encompassing the entire 30km diamater region, seen by overflying satellites as an incredibly bright light. Researchers are sent in within days. Soon afterwards, the military is deployed to completely seal off the zone. There is no official word on the researchers, but it is quickly leaked through friends and relatives that they did not return.

May, 2014: Although not understood at the time, it is now recognized that during this month, the zone, and the unique effects within suddenly expanded to cover an additional 5 kilometer radius. Another large scale evacuation was held of the area, amidst reports of unexplainable atmospheric, gravitational, and energetic phenomenon. Also, the first zone 'artifacts' are discovered. Normal objects displaying strange properties linked to the anomalies in the zone. To those attempting to research the effects of the zone, these artifacts are considered priceless.

2015: With the discovery of artifacts, more and more people slip past military patrols into the zone in order to collect them for profit. Some of these so-called 'Stalkers' have even formed factions, or clans with bases of operation within the zone itself. Also, with the largely deserted nature of the area, the zone has slowly become seen as a form of safe haven for criminals who believe they can adapt to the lifestyle. In response, the military has begun sending its own 'stalker patrols' into the zone itself both to enforce the exclusion zone borders by engaging Stalkers and others that have made their new home (or living) there, as well as attempting to satisfy scientists' demands for artifacts.
This has also brought to light the fact that the zone is populated with a large variety of strangely mutated creatures, most of them hostile, and many very dangerous to humans. The anomalies themselves can be deadly as well, ranging from gravitational anomalies that can throw a person hundreds of feet into the air only to let them drop back down, or crush a person flat to the ground outright, to atmospheric anomalies that render the very air in the area acidic.

So, we're a group of Stalkers who are about to enter the zone. Now, we're not with the military, who are set on enforcing the exclusion zone, so we're limited to light vehicles only to sneak in, or we risk getting a few Ukrainian Hind gunships up the ass.

So, general equipment, weapons, light vehicles (EMP is a serious consideration given the nature of some of these anomalies, so knowing jack shit about cars in general, I'm leaving this to others), the usual armchair commando stuff. And my knowledge on NBC protection is limited to 'gas masks look cool', so I'm just going to go with whatever Uzi4U picks for himself, since I'd guess he's the one most qualified for that selection.

I'd use an HK417 with a 20" barrel and a custom dual optic with a 3-12x illuminated reticle scope below a reflex sight that can run both on battery or ambient light. The optic would have rails on the sides for an optional laser rangefinder on one side, and a ballistic computer on the other to interface with the scope. A bit complex, but the only way to ensure the scope still works as a basic rifle scope if something fucks up the high-tech stuff. HK AG-C grenade launcher under the barrel, and... I can't remember what these are called, but it's a tactical light with a knife blade built in. Rotate a collar to unlock it, slide it forward and rotate it back to lock in place. Combination tactical light and bayonet. Why? Why the fuck not!

HK45 (black frame) with an Insight Technologies LAM and a Knights Armament Suppressor.

Dark Ops Interceptor E&E Knife.

Night Owl iGen night vision monocular. I'm about as surprised to see this as my choice as all of you are. Night Owl?! But I'm dead serious. This thing is the most advanced digital night vision device in existence. Even Elcan's digital NV is crap next to the iGen I tried out at the SHOT show (behind closed doors. My father was heavily involved in the design of this device).

If there was room on the vehicles, I'd also have a 7.62x39mm AK with a side-folding 6-position M4-styled stock, with accessory rails on the forend and upper receiver to fit the same accessories I have for the HK417. Also I'd have a Czech Vz.83 Skorpion in 9x18mm Makarov, with the underbarrel accessory rail from a SA 361 (9x19mm Skorpion), to mount another Insight Technology LAM. There'd be a suppressor for the Skorpion as well, of course.

Once we set up a little base of operations somewhere in Chernobyl I get more options. More storage space for weapons and accessories. Definitely a C-More XM26 LSS, and an HK UMP45. Possibly one of those Chey-Tac Intervention .408s too.
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