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I'm hoping the PMags work out. I want to see it followed by 25 rounders for 6.5 Grendel and 6.8, and a 15 rounder for .50 Beowulf. There is a crapload of guns that take STANAG mags, making a perfected one makes a lot more than just AR15's better. After that I'd like to see an AR10/SR25/M14 compatible one.

And I doubt the polymer will melt, that was an issue with a handful of second rate mags.

And the mass production friendliness is great. A mass produced quality magazine? Heck yeah! Even for civilians... cheap is good, more ready mags sitting around. This is about at the price spot I got used to paying for AK mags, so going over to using 5.56mm with these wouldn't hit me in the long run like it would have before. Also, if anyone does another dumbass hi cap ban, mass production means more get grandfathered... GOOD ones this time. I saw some real POS mags kicking around during...
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