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Default Holy christ

I get on an airplane to Taiwan and I come back and the magpul debate has hijacked my f*cking thread!

Lemme give the general scenario in simpler, less technobabble stuff.

There's no big 'save the world' scenario here. Small group, going into a dangerous area to bring back valuable stuff. Like the ancient dungeon-crawl to fight an evil dragon for his stash of gold, only with much cooler toys.

Bad guys: Rival groups with the same idea. Their equipment ranges from makarovs and TOZ shotguns to FN F2000s and other high tech stuff.

Monsters, mutants, and stuff that live in the area. They just exist, they're not an evil army that's bent on wiping out humanity. But, they don't fear humans like some animals in the wild have learned to do. If they're hungry, they might decide to eat you, if they're territorial, they might decide to attack you. There's also some kind of psychic monster that can control groups of zombies (depending on them, they might retain enough motor skills to use weapons if they were former military or stalkers).

Ukrainian (and possibly Russian Federation) military patrols. No heavy armor, since they won't allow any vehicles that have been in the zone to come back out, and they aren't going to just toss their tanks away for just this purpose. Ancient BTRs and BRDMs at the heaviest.

For the purpose of the whole commando thing, we can ignore the anomalies (they're just a 'mood setter'). So forget the gravity altering stuff. Just the bad-guys.

Also... saving the world from this thing is like saving the world from global warming. We know jack shit about it, but at least with the zone we KNOW we know jack shit about it instead of pretending we understand it. And scientists are gonna pay us big bucks to break the law, fight off Ukrainian military and state border guard, deal with weapons smugglers for supply, and risk our necks for some items they can study.

Good-guy mode off, mercenary mode on.
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