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Default Silence?

Wow...for once, nobody had anything to say?
Well, while a 415 receiver is out of my price range, I've managed to put together a pretty decent shopping list.
Feel free to add your own two cents as we go along--
Starting at the core and working out...
Sabre Defence Receiver: 130
CMT (stag arms) A3 righty Upper (minus charging handle): 100
Badger ordinance gen 2 latch and charge: 34
DPMS Ti-nitrate coated bolt: 169
Ergo grip + gapper: 20
Chip McCormick curved trig: 175
Wolff buffer tube and spring: 20
Magpul PRS stock: 239
Magpul winter trigger guard: 20
18" fluted Barrel w/ block & tube: ?
YHM Smooth side free float (rifle length): 118
Smith Vortec: 46
lower parts kit: 44
Armorer's block: 35
DPMS Combo tool (gun show): 14

Total thus far: 1,150

I could really use some help here boys. Looking for an equivalent or better (prefered billeted) receiver deal...same with any of the parts. Been looking high and low for deals since I posted this.
I am in depserate need of help finding a barrel. I want something contoured...maybe with the gas this point I don't care.
Saw some offers for Wilson fluted 18" around 250-- all back ordered +90 days.
I'm dead set on the vortec flashhider-- can't afford a steppup and don't want anything throwing off the gun's profile.

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