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Originally Posted by PT-The Italian Commie
Personal experience (from Italy, which is instead G*DDARN full of them 'cause of institutions like the Roman Church, Opus Dei, "Communion and Liberation", etc.): not only Christian fundamentalists -ARE- nuts, but the institution itself of the Roman Catholic Church is the biggest obstacle on humankind's path to progress.

Tell us another one!

95% of the world doesn't give a crap what the Roman Catholic Church says (including me). Maybe it is the biggest obstacle in Italy's path to progress, but most of humankind just doesn't care about them.

Environmentalism is the biggest obstacle in humankinds path to progress. It, unlike the Cathys, is the only religion I can think of that exists for the sole reason of slowing human progress. And they have much more control than the Cathiots on the world today.
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