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I think that's the issue that, human actions, when taken into account across the entire planet, are still piss in the swimming pool compared to fluctuations nature goes through. The changes we create are tiny, the ones nature does are huge in comparison. Just compare the amount of energy involved... hurricanes are occurrence over small portions of the planet but some can have almost as much energy involved as humanity as a whole uses in hundreds of years. We are impressed with ourselves but honestly our actions are dwarfed by natural occurrences.

That is not to say though that some good things don't come out of environmentalism. Recycling is good, I dislike unnecessary waste. Biodegradable items are good, and we need to limit use of landfills because land is valuable stuff. More to raise food with. Solar and especially wind power are important because they don't require expansive distributed infrastructure. But if I get the resources to do so I fully intend to take my home off the grid, both to maintain function under disaster situations and in times of need to not draw from the grid power others can use. I am into the idea of "sustainability", but not to protect the earth from my actions but instead to protect my family from an unpredictable world.
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