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Exclamation My scathing criticism.

The "Perfect Handgun Bravo-5" is done so that you can "cycle the slide single-handedly" in the event of a cartridge malfunction: apparently, by PULLING THE TRIGGER, it will move the slide back-and-forward to eject the malfunctioning cartridge, chamber a new one, and re-arm the stryker.

Nothing new under the sun. This system comes from a pocket pistol of German manufacture from the 1920s (the Lignose "Einhand"), and is also currently used by two Chinesem semi-automatic pistols, the .7'62mm NORINCO Type 77 (service handgun for PAP and PLA, undergoing replacement), and the .9x19mm NORINCO Model 77-B commercial pistol; in both cases, this single-hand slide-cycling capability function is performed not by the trigger itself but by a switch placed in front of it (front of the trigger guard); this also works as a hold-open release lever: pushing it when the slide is held open will make it go back in closed position, chambering a round and cocking the stryker.
The major drawback in this design is that the system is heavy as hell. An average shooter has not enough strenght in one single finger to cycle it properly; the attempt will probably result in jamming the gun (using the front trigger-guard cycling switch to close the slide from held-open position is instead very light and easy).
The NORINCO 77-B also has a particularly-shaped back sight that can be used to cycle the slide in case of an emergency, by leaning it against a sharp edge, like a wall corner, and pushing the gun forward; it's much more simple, and useful in the event, to say, that the user is wounded during a shootout, sitting on the ground, but still conscious and able, or needing, to shoot at assailants holding his gun with one sole hand; the NORINCO 77-B uses a delayed-blowback operation to facilitate single-handed use: the recoil IS the one of a standard 9mm, but the user will feel blowback and recoil only AFTER the round has effectively left the bore, thus them don't afflict the accuracy of the shot.

So, as you can see, there is nothing new; on the contrary, the single-handed slide cycling system of such kind has proved to be just TOO heavy for a person to operate... single handedly! What do you do with something that's supposed to be operated single-handedly but which actually requires MORE FORCE to be operated than what an average shooter can deliver with one single hand?

But at least, the Lignose "Einhand", and the NORINCO Type 77 and 77-B, use a SEPARATED switch (trigger guard front) to cycle this system. The "Perfect Handgun Bravo-5" uses THE TRIGGER ITSELF! I mean: that same TRIGGER that is supposed to OPERATE THE HAMMER? This can lead to two different malfunctions:
#1 - You pull the trigger with a good cartridge chamber, the gun instead cycles the slide and ejects it.
#2 - You pull the trigger to cycle the slide and eject a defective cartridge, the gun instead operates the hammer and strykes the cartridge again: the gun will either not fire, or ignite the cartridge and cause an accident (it's unlikely that an average gun user will be pointing the gun towards a safe direction, especially if in a moment of stress, i.e. during a shootout).

The "Perfect Handgun Bravo-5" sure is the demonstration of what a gun enthusiast, with some technical knowledge, can come out with. But on the other hand, in this case the enthusiast has complicated his life way too much. Mr. Bezanovic' should have instead put his genious at work to solve some REAL problems that normally afflict our handguns. Just ask around to any sports shooter and you'll find an endless list of things to fix in a pistol.

This said, I am not saying that it's to be waisted and forgot. We are waiting it for the range test.

Oh, on a side note: this is the sole and only place, and not only around the Web, in which I have ever heard about this gun. It would probably be a great scoop for "Diana Armi", but let's face it: there are too much risks of an hoax to write anything about. I need something more... well, concrete.
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