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Originally Posted by Grenadier Toebanger
I have came up with an idea, Its just a conventional GPMG Belt Feed but it takes three rounds at a time, The Links hold three Magnum Rounds, I will post the images here ASAP.

The 'Ripper Chaingun Cannon' should use Magnum Rounds(Preferably .357) becouse they are more hard hitting and have decent stopping power, Otherwise if it didnt, It would not be a 'Cannon' as such.

It would suit SWAT Teams/Riot Control/SF Units, And maybe it could be mounted on Hummers/APCs/Tanks/Choppers etc
Again this gamers' fixation about "Magnum rounds".

It is just pointless.

And if you want a mounted weapon, you don't have to re-invent the wheel, all that is needed already exists (and in much more powerful calibers than .357 Mag).
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