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Excuse me, I had to upload my photos on another photo album …
Some images of the Beretta:
II generation prototype / mock-up:

A real g36/xm8 based gun, with plastic frame and xm8 stock.
Probably always with 70/90 "engine" inside, also if Beretta at that time said something about a "revolutionary" loading chamber to obtain a very low recoil axis and a super fast “two shot” rate of fire. But these were only working hypothesis.
The Italian Government cut off the budget to the program... so Beretta will just upgrade the "old reliable" 70/90.
However, it was designed in the "xm8 superstar" period, I suppose...

An "indirect fire" demonstration (Photo by Larimart) of the Gen. II model:

The "soldato futuro" upgrade program:
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