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Originally Posted by Tyler Durden
No sources sited = all bullshit. I can make stuff up too.

But that hope was jeopardized when Palestinian looters damaged many of the greenhouses, stripping them bare, for instance, of computers that the settlers used to monitor crops. Irrigation pumps were stolen, electricity networks paralyzed, and protective sheeting for the hothouses were torn.
Greenhouses covering one-fourth of the land were damaged during looting after the handover, according to Palestinian officials. The inherited farms have the potential to nearly double the output of the local agriculture industry, the largest domestic private-sector income engine in Gaza's $1 billion economy.

Sunday, Palestinian mobs torched and destroyed four synagogues left behind by Israel in the evacuated Gaza Strip.

Eat shit jackass .

What is your f-ing point?

Do you mean other than the one on top of your head?

Africa invented Humans.

And Africa also 'invented' the African Killer Bee, AIDS and Modern Warlordism.

Remember, it takes a village to rape and pillage the other village.

How about that, bitch?

"Yo, Don' be hatin, beeeotch, I'm nutz, and I don' mean cashews, I'll forty you up ya cracker ass beeeotch!"

You love Israel?


Who f-ing cares?

Remind us again... Who cares that you even exist, little one?

Move there if ou love it so f-ing much.

There are many American-Irish who love Ireland, should they move there?

Or are Jews 'special', in your view?

Hopefully you will "finally" meet PT over there.

Not likely, he's sworn to never go to Israel.


Was that satire, irony or stupidity?

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