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Default Worst... movie... EVER!

OK so instead of derailing other threads for this kind of stuff, I'm starting a bad movie thread. Name the worst! Give some reasons why!

I think mine's hard to beat:

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

THIS is the worst movie ever. Worse than propaganda films, a film Ed Wood could have made better. HINT: When Christopher Lambert refuses to make a movie, you're in trouble already. But the real atrocity of this film, was that it took a very entertaining film I already liked... its predecessor... and made me abhor it by relation for years. It is a sequel that, literally, would have been better if it had never been made.

The thing was, the original was special because it's one of the only movies ever based on a video game that's actually watchable. The first was intelligent in what to include and what not to include to suspend disbelief and have at least a nod to audiences over 12. Apparently they forgot all that in making a sequel. Lots of second rate digital effects do not make up for good visuals, or poor fight choreography, or bad acting, or poor story direction, or... it just keeps going.

Too bad MST3K isn't still going, a lot of people who like the original movie who ran into this atrocity could use the catharsis of watching it brutally disassembled.

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