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Default Trivia contest

This is the real thing.......not a joke.

It was found that it was taking too long to change out an engine in damaged Humvees over in the sand box due to the facilities and the fact that about 40% of the mechanics are women who can't lift over 37 lbs.

A new design has been developed that simpifies the process greatly and is undergoing review to see if it will be accepted.

To test the new system an Army General and an untrained school teacher were given the task of removing a Humvee angine and replacing it with a new one. Both the old and new engines were of the new rapid replacement design. Since women are kind of flaky the school teacher also answered a couple of calls on her cell phone during the process. How long do you think it took this crack pit crew to complete the process. The first winning reply gets one of the much sought after securityarms t-shirts.
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