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Of, course the basics is easy, but not communication - range & tactical utility. According to Israeli sources, "Mirsad 1" is an Iranian "Mheger 4" drone,2 powered by a 10 hp engine and capable to fly at 2 km altitude with a maximum speed of 120 km/hr. According to the same source, Iran supplied Hezbollah with 8 such drones, and over the past two years some 30 Lebanese operatives have undergone training at Revolutionary Guards' bases near Isfahan to fly similar aircraft.

And its application may vary like they say in this news report from july;
A surprise attack by the militant group utilizes a new weapon in their arsenal. A UAV was loaded with explosives and hit one of Israel's warships enforcing a naval blockade of the nation's coastline. The IDF confirmed there was severe damage to the ship, but there are no reports on casualty figures.
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