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Post Well said but.....

don't expect them to listen. As soon as they see the words "gun writer" or "expert in the field" they stop listening. To these politicians (I call them criminals) you are just another gun toteing fanatic. See in my opinion the word control does not fir anywhere in politics. Let's face it, gun control isn't about public safety, it's about control.

As you stated, repeal the laws and arm the police. I feel for the British people. Really I do. I remember the sadness I felt when their freedoms were robbed from them by corrupt leaders who only care about votes and "public opinion". Personally if I were to live anywhere else in the free world (taking gun ownership into consideration) it would be somewhere like Italy or New Zealand where firearms ownership is still taken very seriously.

Even here in the United States, many people don't understand that we have some seriously stupid laws on the books. If you put a forward grip on a pistol it becomes a mythological and illigal weapon. You have a rifle with a short barrel, guess what? It's illegal....unless you remove the stock. Stupid, stupid laws that have never, EVER saved one life nor prevented one crime.

Honestly, Italy's laws are better than ours. You can own dozens upon dozens or firearms I will never even get a chance to see or handle in person. You have some restrictions on magazine capacity, but in all honestly, this shouldn't bother a marksman.

Again man, gun control is about control. Control is a word that should never exist in politics. And it seems to me, in the United Kingdom at least...more than a few politicians should be out of a job tonight. They have failed their country miserably. And not for the first time.
You who inherit the heavy privilege to serve in freedom's name, must brace for the battle surely to come.

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