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You called it the XM-231/A1 "Commando" pistol, but now youre saying it is no suffix? Actually what i meant by that i couldnt find it before was the name XM231. But if you say the GSE-commando was called XM231 i believe you. I just saw that there was a post (here) from GSE, if it was sent in by them it is beyond any doubt. The name míght be refering to the colt XM231 port firing weapon? ( And i give you right that probably is a XM231 with or without the -A1or M2 parts ... Whatever, this starts to be going in circles.
We seem to be talking past each other. Also since there are many loose threads here. Please comment the following:

#1 In your post here the top pic clearly differs from the bottom. Dont you agree? You mean they are both M16X? The top pic has a removable carryhandle, the one at the bottom is an older style fixed. The buttstock (easy to change i admit that, really looks like a Diemaco)

#2 Dont you agree that the CASR thumb REALLY (including silencer) look like the one in your post?

#3 Can we agree that Sabre Defence is UK-based (originally)?

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