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Originally Posted by Tyler Durden
No, see, again you miss the humour. Johnny was making fun of Bushco, not the troops. Anybody with any sort of observation skills could see that.

Tyler, observation skills don't really matter in debate with you. From your current location you would be unable to spot reality with a 72" telescope. You're so far out there it takes fifteen-thousand years for any trace of rational thought to cross space and get to you. So the ability to observe is really moot.

See it's a win-win for me on Tuesday. If we win, great, if not, Stewart will have another 2 years of solid humour for me to enjoy.

You think he only makes fun of Republicans? If so, you'd be shocked if Democrats regained power, he'd have much more to work with.

You'd probably be demanding his execution [for crimes against the state and being a Jew] inside of a year.
Am Yisrael Chai!
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