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Old 02-25-2007
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Default The Official List Of "Likely To Be Banned" Firearms

Now that the anti-gun crowd is back in power in the United States and starting to put on their warpaint, we need to get together a list of the firearms they will likely try to ban, so as to help all of us decide what our next purchase goals should be (obviously this is only really important to US Residents, but I'll take help from everyone).

Here's the way this works: There will be categories of "likely to be banned" firearms, and lists of the firearms therein.

A category is something like "Assault weapons", "Fifty-caliber anti-satellite space cannons" and "5.7mm Cop Killer Baby-Seeking Smart-Handguns"

Also, this is not limited to firearms, but also accessories, like magazines.

If you would like to suggest a category, post it as a reply. I'll consider it, and if it stands to reason, add it to the master list.

If you would like to suggest a firearm type that belongs in a certain category, post it in a reply. Post it's name, what category it belongs in, and a link to the manufacturers website. If there isn't a website, post a picture of it and the MSRP.

Don't provide multiple links to the same thing... For example, the AR-15 is likely to be banned. Bushmaster makes many types of AR-15. Thus there will be a link to Bushmaster under "AR-15", but there will not be a link to each type of AR-15 they make... There are too many.

However, a link to each manufacturer is a good thing.

Here are the rules for each entry:

#1: Must fit one of the "likely to be banned" categories.

#2: Must be avaliable on the US civil market, must not be an NFA item at present time.

Feel free to add things as time allows.
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