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Default How Can I play?

Getting into the Game


To be accepted into the Game, you must first submit a character stat sheet to the GM. Below is a sample Sheet--
-note a person can only claim one special skill at a time. These are different from practical skills like cooking or sewing and will be offset (increased) as a person gains experience.
Once done, please PM the sheet to Armorer.
Thank You.

Sample sheet:
Player: Reggad

Name: Reginald Brisbane
Nick Name: Reggie
Age: 29
Lvl: 5
Sign: cancer
Region: South East US, South Carolina.
Class: Veteran

Physical Description:
Standing at 6'0" even with long dark brown hair in a pony tail, brown eyes, and clean shaven-- weighs in around 180 and somewhat broad without being on the heavy side.
Description subset (Distinguishing features): Bad 2 da bone tattooed on right shoulder. Mom in a heart on left. No noticeable scars except for old burns on the backs of his hands.

Current (at game start) attire:
-Jungle boots
-Sig-wear shorts
-drab olive t-shirt
-Floppy outback hat
-black rayban sunglasses

Vehicle: Toyota Tacoma-- modified for light off road. 17" radials and an improved gear box. Avg mileage:24.5 miles per gallon.

Hopeful, he believes the madness to only be a temporary set back and sticks to himself until the government can reassert some control.

An avid hiker from the Appalachian trail, when the zombie plague hit, he high tailed it to the mountains, surviving on what he could gather and limiting supplies to what he needs at the moment.

Equipment: (on person)
-1pocket fisherman
-1 box strikeless matches
-1 M16A2
-2 tactical folding knives
-2 liter camel pack of water

Kit: (Equip on hand)
-Carbon 15
-1 AK74
-500rnds .223
-250rnds 7.62X39
-4 cans beanies'n'weanies
-water purification tablets

Special Skill/Ability: Calm-- has the ability to supress flight or fight syndrome by adrenaline overdose.

General Skills:
-repair radio

Pm Armorer this sheet when you're done to receiver your password.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping a human face...forever" ~George Orwell

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