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Old 03-01-2007
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Default Christian Fundamentalists... are nuts (personal experience)

This is a personal experience I've had in Taiwan just yesterday as of this writing. Now, as Christianity is the primary religion in the USA, even those that view it in a fundamentalist fashion are usually not hostile and argumentative, or at least not very often.

Unfortunately in Taiwan, the primary religion is Taosim, which also happens to be polytheistic. One of my aunts is the most fundamentalist Christian that I have ever seen. She lives with most of her siblings in the same apartment as her parents (not uncommon here, as any living space is at a premium on this tiny island)... it is a Taoist household. Right down to the shrine to the ancestors mounted on the wall with incense. So she also happens to be the most argumentative person that I have had the experience of knowing (PT and Bacon Guy do come close, but only when they're together ).

Now... I was eating dinner there, because I go there for dinner every day and chat with family and such. It's just 2 blocks from my apartment. I was mentioning that I was learning Zen as part of the martial arts classes I'm taking here. My Aunt stopped eating, got out of her chair, looked me right in the eye, and said:

"'Zen' means that a devil has taken the fire from your soul."


I immediately thought back to a Lewis Black routine I heard where somebody had walked up to him after an act and said 'Fossils are the handiwork of the devil.' and I was overwhelmed by the sudden realization:

'...These people really exist.'
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