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Red face poor elephant

. Circus gets in town, but few spectators join it. The manager then wondered how to promote the show. There was an old elephant unable to do anything anymore, so the manager got the brilliant idea:
"Make the elephant dance and get 10 free tickets"

. After few hours, some people joined the huge tend with radios and instruments, but nobody was able to even make the poor animal walk. There was an old drunken sailor in the crowd and when his turn arrived, he shouted:
"Shut the lights down!"

. Then the sailor walked close to the elephant balls and punched them with power. As he did that, he souted again:
"Turn the lights back up!"

. For the presents wonder, the elephant was waving in pain as if it was dancing.

. The sailor got his prize and the queue quickly dissolved.

. The manager was disappointed, but then had another idea:
"Make the elephant jump and get 50 free tickets plus 100$"

. A lot of people joined the area and tried in most fancy ways to make the old animal jump, but all successless. The same old drunken sailor waited for his turn and ordered again to put the lights down. Then walked to the elephant balls and smashed them between two bricks.

"Lights back on" - he shouted. And everybody was amazed by the elephant frenetic jumping.

. The manager was very indignated but had to give the sailor tickets and money.

. The day after, a perfect idea came to the manager's mind, something absolutely impossible to obtain:
"Make the elephant speak and get 100 free tickets plus 1000$"

. The whole town was around the circus. Everyone getting under the tend tryed hard to make the poor thing speak.

. The old drunken sailor was there. When he once more shouted to get the lights off, the elephant replied:
.--. . .
.. -.
- .... .
... .. -. -.-
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