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Default Hilary's first night as President.

Hilary Clinton was walking through the White House the night after being elected President. When walking into the Oval Office, she saw the ghost of none other than George Washington himself.

She was naturally shocked, but composed herself and asked, "George Washington, could you please tell me what I should do to become a good president.", to which the ghost responded, "You must never tell a lie." Hilary said, "I don't think I could do that, but if it'll make me a good president I'll try my best."

Now confident that she could be seen as a good president by the masses, she continued her walk of the white house. As she walked through the West Colonnade to the residence houses, she saw none other than the ghost of Thomas Jefferson. Again, she couldn't believe this was happening, first George Washington, and now Thomas Jefferson? Naturally, she asked again, "What must I do to become a good president?" Jefferson looked at her and said, "You must always be mindful of the will of the people." "Always? I'll have so many things to do just with congress and with the leaders of other nations... but if it'll make me a good president, I'll do my best."

Now feeling that she was onto something that could potentially make her the most loved president of all time, and already picturing a 3rd and 4th term, and bringing the country into an eternal paradise, winning acclaim far and wide for ending the public traffic of firearms, curing the world of global warming, and seizing money from large oil corporations for the better good of the people, she went straight for the Lincoln Bedroom. Sure enough, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln was there. "Abe!" she said, "I'm going to become the best president I can be! Please tell me how to do that!"

Abraham Lincoln frowned, rubbing at the little beard on his chin, deep in thought, and finally said, "Go to the theatre."
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