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Cool could happen to you

Once upon a time, Jack "drunky" Daniels went to sleep. Said good night to his wife and switched off.
When he woke up, he felt as if he was floating in the air. Looked forward and saw a an old man watching him.

<Jack>: Who are you? What are you doing into my bedroom?
<old man>: I'm Saint Peter and you're not in your room. You're up in the sky.
<Jack>: Oh no! This is not possible. I don't want to die. Please take me back!
<old man>: My son, this is only possible if you either turn into a bitch or a chicken.

Jack started to think... A bitch would be very bad, many dogs fucking it. A chicken could be maybe better. Never saw a cock's dick, but it had to be small. So immediately answers:

<Jack>: Want to be a chicken!

And... puff... he was back to life on earth. Inside a chicken house. Looked at himself and confirmed that he was really a chicken.

<Jack>: Shit!!! I'm a chicken.

Searching around he saw a rooster coming towards him.

<Jack>: What a f... do I do now?
<rooster>: Are you just arrived?
<Jack>: Yes sir. I'm afraid so.
<rooster>: So, you have to choose between two options: either you go to reproduction department or to eggs farm.

Jack thought a bit and refused to accept the idea of f...... with the rooster. But also he didn't know how to put an egg.

<Jack>: Well, Mr. rooster. I don't Know how to put an egg.
<rooster>: No problem. I'll tell you how. Very easy. Just sit here and raise your left wing twice. At the end say

Jack followed the rooster instructions and... plock! One egg came out.
Jack got excited and repeated the procedure. Plock! Another egg.

<Jack>: Wow! This is nice and easy! Not so bad to be a chicken.

While putting the third egg, Jack listened to his wife shouting:

<Jack's wife>: Wake up you drunken son of a bitch! There's shit all over the bed!

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