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Default AAI Lightweight Small Arms Technologies (LSAT) Prototype

AAI Lightweight Small Arms Technologies (LSAT) Prototype on Display at AUSA
by David Crane from Defense Review

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Old 03-27-2007
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Default Nice but tricky.

IMHO, they shall try to obtain a lighter and more controllable counterpart of the FN "Minimi" (M249-SAW) instead that tricking with "Caseless Telescopic" and shit. That kind of ammo is not going anywhere. Metal ammunitions with metal cases (the classic "brass") will still remain standard for the next, maybe, century and a half.

Argue as much as you want: the truth is that ammunition technology has already reached the state-of-the-art as far as the needs are for modern warfighting. If there was -ANY- need that an ammunition conceived in the "classic" way couldn't achieve, I'd understand. But the fact is: you want a more powerful, less powerful, higher-range, lower-recoil ammunition? It can be done with the current technology, and most important, with the current DESIGN AND LAYOUT of ammunition.

Caseless, telescopic, all that stuff, have been tested by engineers, manufacturers and Armed Forces with Starship Troopers - Wannabe complex several times during the years, and it has never took anywhere near to an adoption if we exclude some "trial" distribution of designs like the G-11 which worked pretty good indeed, but weren't -NEEDED- by any means. It's like all that people was striving to reinvent the wheel when we already have it, and it works perfectly.
There's no -NEED- or -REASON- to try that road again, not now. It's a waste of time, money and resources that could be focused in achieving, to say, a new technology in primers, in bullets, or in recoil mitigators for firearms so to have even the weakest-bodied recruit manage well the hard recoil of a 50-cal.

Make this LSAT thing fire the standard 5'56mm cartridge, for g*d's sake (if there's any -NEED- to do it). Make it lighter and put a nice hi-tech recoil mitigator on that. This is what the US Army needs. Not some fancy Caseless-Telescopic ammunition that will cost triple the taxpayer's money of the standard 5'56mm cartridge and will have triple the failure rate.

BTW, you want the better LMG/SAW out there? Go for an ULTIMAX-100. Problems because it's only magazine-fed? Make it be modified for belt-feeding. It can be done. Again, wasting time and resources to reinvent the wheel...
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Caseless ammo is lighter (by 40% or more), and removes the need to eject the empty case (which can increase the rate of fire nicely). Both are nice things to have. The technology is well within reach and almost all of the hard reasearch has already been done.

Like it or not, it's the next logical step for firearms (followed by another logical step I won't go into).
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