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Old 07-13-2006
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Default NOPD seizes highly-accurate, armor peircing SKSs with GPS guided nuclear projectiles

... Or something like that.

Acting on a tip, a New Orleans police SWAT team trapped an attempted murder suspect in Algiers' Fischer public housing complex and ran into one of the most dangerous weapons on the streets: the Chinese- and Russian-made SKS rifle.
Police arrested Anthony Thomas, 18, who is suspected of gunning down a man in April, as he was hanging out with a group in which another man was carrying the SKS.
Equipped with a folding bayonet and armor-piercing rounds, the rifle is a cheap and highly effective weapon -- the predecessor of the AK-47 -- that can blast through engine blocks as easily as it can bones, said Louis Faust, one of nearly 20 NOPD tactical officers who arrested five people, including Thomas. got a tip from an informant about 1 p.m. that Thomas, suspected in an April shooting in the 2300 block of Murl Street in Algiers, was seen with a group of men at Fischer.
The SWAT team crept into a courtyard at the complex in the 2000 block of Leboeuf Street and the men loitering, one brazenly holding the SKS, NOPD Lt. Dwayne Scheuremann said.
The team set upon the group of five, who took off running. Soon, the man with the rifle tossed it along with a stash of crack cocaine, Scheuremann said. Another man in the group ditched a .45 caliber pistol and two bundles of heroin, he said.
All five men were arrested. Thomas, who had a pending warrant, was booked Monday with two counts of illegally carrying a weapon, possession of obliterated serial number, drug possession and resisting an officer.
NOPD did not release the charges for the other four men.
Scheuremann said drug dealers and a weapon like an SKS are a dangerous mix.
The SKS sells for as little as $100 in the streets and is highly accurate, Faust said. And the high-caliber ammunition it uses is meant for maximum bodily damage.
Faust said the steel core bullets used in an SKS strike the body then follow bone, so a bullet can "enter your shoulder and come out of your toe."
"You can see what these officers face every day," Deputy Chief John Bryson said, standing over the guns and drugs seized during Tuesday's arrests.
Scheuremann said many drug dealers have returned to the Fischer complex to sell heroin, which he says has emerged as the most popular drug in that section of the city.
In a Fischer courtyard, police said the ground is littered with bullets where people either were exchanging gunfire or shooting up an abandoned car they found pocked with bullet holes.
"What you see here is not just in the Fischer," Scheurmann said, pointing to the SKS. "The shame of it is there are a lot of good people out there who see people with weapons like this, and they're scared. With drug dealers out with these, what can they do?"

So let me see... the SKS is highly accurate [compared to what? A flintlock musket?], fires high-caliber ammunition, can go right through engine blocks, but somehow has an onboard guidance system that can detect bone, change the bullets course mid-flight and travel down the entire length of the human body, making a 45 degree turn in the foot to exit the toe...

I guess these must be those new blended-metal-nuclear-powered-guided-NASA-space-shuttle-doorgunner-rounds.

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Old 07-14-2006
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Default WTF indeed

Those must have been the magical rounds that provided the model for the "Single Bullet" theory.
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Old 07-14-2006
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That's a fucking joke-- pardon my french-- my girlfriend's father (a corrections director and Lake Charles sherrif's patrol officer for 15 years) mailed me the same article-- when I visit next week, he and I are gonna make a little trip with about a half dozen Armory personel from around the L.C., Alexandria, and Sulphur PD's to NOLA office to formerly deliver a complaint.
Christ-- you'd think nobody's heard the name Fackler before--here's a bit of what I've got written so far to send in to the newspaper: (misspellings and grammatical errors to be revised)

Dear sirs--
In consideration to your recent article concerning the arrest of one Anthony Thomas, your news group highly over estimated the damage of the SKS rifle. While the media has been exaggerating the lethality/damage complex of weapons for years, this recent "elephant in the closet" is simply laughable. In addition, the report that the weapon can, "that can blast through engine blocks as easily as it can bones," yet, "follow bone, so a bullet can 'enter your shoulder and come out of your toe'" is in itself contradictory (sic. Lee, "5 men arrested as police raid Algiers complex" 7/12/06). And while I've already written both Lee and his "source" (one officer Faust), I, as well as other members of the knowledgeable arms community, feel it imperative to have such misnomers cast aside.
In as much, we'd like to turn your attention to the following document:
The preceeding is not the best scan of the article, but it provides still the best "guesstimate' in projecting possible wound damage. The truth to the matter is that there is no possible means to accurately depict a porojected idea of possible wound damage since upon striking soft flesh, the ballistics of the round (affected by range, caliber, velocity, angle of impact, etc.) will determine the outcome.
I grew up not around firearms, but the surgical community. It has only been within the last 16 years that I've spent intensive time pursuing my mainstay hobby: firearms. However, to the point at hand; within those 16 years I have also maintained a close relationship with those within the medical field and assisted them in writing formal and professional documents/articles on reported firearms related injuries. Added to Fackler's article and the experiences I've related over the described time span, added to further articles published in magazines such as JAMA, SMR, and similar medical journals; no bullet can effectively enter a human body and make any exponential journey exceeding its terminal velocity.
The most devestating effect of any firearm based projectile is, and always will be, hydrostatic shock. similarly, due to the fiberous "give" to (and pardon the term for the lack of a better) flesh and the accrued angle of bone, upon impact a bullter will immediately begin to compress, the surrounding tissue absorbing the shock and then transferring energy away from the entry wound.
Lee's quoted impression of damage, as previously stated, is highly over exaggerated by known impressions of not only the SKS's caliber, but bullets as a whole. Regardless of core material, bullet jacket, and composition of both, it still must meet against the streinuous density and structure of bone. In lossing two thirds of velocity and terminal structure, a bullet will always travel in the path of least resistence. In as much, it is least likely to simply follow the length of the bone. I then turn your atention to a article published in the Medical News Review by Dr. Rick Harrison (25.2, 10/15/04) entitled, "Tertiary skin damage to high caliber wounds." In this article, Dr. Harrison documents a number of hunting related gunshot wounds where high caliber (i.e. magnum) rifle rounds strike a bone relatively close to the surface. In as much, in striking a shin or tibia, most rounds deflected, causing major damage to the surrounding tissue as opposed to a through-and-through wound.
Comparably, the composition of bone is more closely related to steel. Lee's further pressing the misinformation that a steel core bullet can pass through an engine block is in as unlikely as a bullet entering the shoulder and exiting the toe. Due to the molecular structure of steel, and the given information of a bullet's "lethality" it is impossible for a 56 to 250 grain (i.e. weight) bullet passing clear through in excess to 1,800 fps. Such a round would not even be able to penetrate a 1/2" thick steel plate, with or without a steel core.

That's all I got written last night-- anything you guys think I should add to what's already there?

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping a human face...forever" ~George Orwell
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