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Default go to hell

A bloke dies and is sent to hell.
At his arrival, the devil explains that he can choose between three punishments.
The first is the knife ring. One room full of every kind of moving blades where people is being chopped from head to toe.
The victim says: "No no no, this definitely not"
The second is the fire hole. One room full of flames where people is being slowly burnt.
Then again: "No no no, also this I cannot put up with"
The last one is the shit lake. One room with a huge pool full of shit where people were bathing to the neck.
So, a decision is taken: "Well, maybe I'll get used to the smell. Ok, I take the third one"
The new guest enters the pool. The others wellcome him, but before they could start a conversation, the devil plays a big bell and shouts: "Recreation is finished! Everybody back on their knees!"
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