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Old 11-03-2006
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Default Guess who else is getting into the game business?

'While the Tom Clancy brand dominates the genre of realistic military shooters, it's going to get some competition from a legendary Navy SEAL. Bethesda and Zombie Interactive are currently working on Rogue Warrior, a tactical shooter for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 that's based on the fiction novels of the same name by Richard Marcinko, a former Navy SEAL commander whose best-selling autobiography is also titled Rogue Warrior. However, the game won't be based on Marcinko's real-life exploits in the Vietnam War. Instead, the plot, which could almost be ripped from today's headlines, is set in modern-day North Korea.'

More here:
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Old 11-03-2006
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That's tight-- maybe we'd see something, I don't know, more realistic. Seriously, Clancy just pisses me off.
His scenerios are so piss poor, I swear some of my freshmen write better than him.

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Old 11-03-2006
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Probably not surprising for around here, but I always think most games just don't bother modeling enough weapons. That is, multiplayer online games.

The thing is, contemporary warfare is asymmetrical. These means plenty of "outdated" weapons still hang around in trouble spots. There were K98's in service in Bosnia.

So really a good start for a first person game is an engine that includes... a lot. I'm thinking every major military and police weapon from WWI forward, plus some oddities here and there like perhaps the Gyrojet and Calico and the like.

It could be pretty large but there are ways around it getting too overwhelming. All the AK variants could be "repaints" of the same stats for each caliber, etc. A lot of the older bolt actions could be minor variations of each other.

Other ideas...

-Autotransition: If whatever your shooting empties or jams, pressing fire automatically draws whatever is in your holster, if anything. In this way pistols are much more of a last ditch defense and readily used that way; also it allows relatively realistic pricing. If someone asks WHY a handgun costs almost as much as a higher capacity, more destructive, and more accurate rifle... it's because the pistol is an extra margin of safety, not a primary weapon. While you could carry another rifle along, you aren't going to transition to it when you get a problem like with a handgun.

-JAMS: I swear you never see this and it REALLY needs to be there. People get an idea that you'd never want an AK because it's so inaccurate would get a better picture if they realized the better reliability. At least 3 types of jams should be possible, each with it's own probability per each weapon. Chamber jams, where working the bolt fixes it; breakage jams, where the gun no longer works; catastrophic jams; where the gun not only stops working, it might hurt the user or someone near them.

-No "weapon slots". This approach annoys me, I prefer a weight based system, carry over a certain amount and it starts cutting into your speed and stamina. But that way, unlike most games, if you come across a sniper rifle you can sling it on your back without tossing your AR. This would lead to people being able to carry more weapons than games like Day of Defeat or Counter-Strike, but less than games like Half-Life where people walk around with a dozen big ass guns... Anyway, it'd be nice to grab a trophy without having to abandon what I'm using.

-Server/map based pricing. This would allow mapmakers to choose whatever pricing they think is right, and server admins could ultimately choose prices themselves. Hence if anything proved broken, an admin could just make it unbuyable. Also, maps could be made for any encounter from WW1 to the present; if weapons had introduction years attached to their files, it could be a simple matter to attach a year to a map and then only things made before that year could be bought. And of course allow easy options for auto-issuance. So on a Vietnam map everyone would spawn with either an M16 or an AK; other things would need to be bought. Also the year system could be used to graduate price; for example a 20% price reduction for every 20 years of age to show designs getting more common with time (and maybe an option for "collector's item exception").

-Uniforms. Don't go nuts but both sides of most major conflicts and a decent selection of civilian looks would be nice.

ANYWAY... that's all getting the engine out of the way. With all that down, then it becomes easy to use the engine to create stories or scenarios. Which is pretty much my idea; create the engine and then have really easy mapmaking and scenario making gear.

There are probably a few other things I forgot in there, but I like the idea of a game where someone could actually "go digging" through the gear list and come up with something other players might not be familiar with. Some things can be near repaints of each other, but that allows for individuality.

What else would be good to create a good engine? I like DoD's stamina bar and no jumping while shooting; bunny hopping CS players always broke the illusion for me.

But the idea is, create a good decently realistic engine like this, and then guys like Marcinko can use it to tell stories with.
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Old 11-04-2006
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Default There's another quirk in this Rogue Warrior game.

There are no multiplayer maps.

No maps. None.

What are in the game are a set of 'tiles'. Sections which have folliage, buildings, etc. Like miniature maps themselves. And when a multiplayer game is started, the tiles are laid in a random pattern. Because the tiles aren't actually tiny, you can still get a familliarity from experience, but there's no 'Oh, I remember there was this great camping spot over here...' and such anymore. There's probably going to be some pre-set tile combinations and a mode to use that as set 'maps', and an editor so the host can design a layout himself and play on that, but by and large, the random map multiplayer is probably going to be the draw.
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America's Army included jams. One of the things I liked about that game, besides the fact it was free.

I think the BF2 engine could have a nice future, if someone would just mod it for realism.
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