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Default Wickenburg Rendezvous

"Ryan, damn you..."
Pt stood clutching his side as he leaned against his truck. He held on arm across a heaving chest, the Tangfolio still clenched at ready.
Dark eyes scanned the dark surroundings in the airport lot. There were just too many shadows, and the Italian gunwriter's racing heart jumped at each one. His trigger finger crept off the guard onto the curved double-action bow as he waited for a reply.

In front of him steam rose from the still body of a female rogue cop strewn on the pavement. The renegade had tried to kill him...for nothing less than the sake of his own "protection." This country...
And the nerve of sending out such an unstable bitch as guard with nothing but a rookie to back her up.
PT's head snapped up...
"Ryan!" He hissed again into the dark.

When the dumb broad's little rookie partner didn't come running back at the sound of the gunshot, PT had figured his friend had taken care of him...but now, had something worse than Ryan gotten to him?
He strained to hear the sounds of something less human stumbling in the night.

"Jesus, Relax...I've been here. Mind killin' those headlights?" Came a slightly muffed voice.

PT slowly reached into the idling vehicle and switched off the lamps, keeping the pistol between him and the van, out of sight.

Soon as they were out, a young man stepped out from behind the police van. His mock riot gear was contrasted by a rediculously large night vision array on top of his head, the asian features unmistakable from descriptions.

"We'll clear your stuff out later," he said, underslinging an MP5 and walking across to him, "looking at these uniforms, we've got a solid mix of Texas cop and they'll be doing it by the numbers--shift change soon. We've gotta stash baby-girl here."

PT tucked the Tangfolio away and made to grab the woman's boots after slinging her rifle across his back.

"I take it you've already done the same with her young accomplice?" He asked, lifting as the man he's otherwise known as MK23 grabbed under her shoulders and hefted.

For a middle aged broad, and one so slight, she weighed a damn ton. Must be all the molle gear, but there wasn't time to strip her. A radio chirped somewhere below her waist.

"Hurry up folks, start headin in-- your replacements will be steppin out the door in fifteen."

Together they lowered her carefully to the ground, Mk23 leaving her propped beside an old Camry. He paused to pull a rather bulky two-way from her hip and turned the knob to lower its volume before stashing it in a pocket.

"Silenced him back when you lover girl first started that little quarrel. Had to relieve him of this little toy though-- I trust you brought the firecontrol I asked you to?"

He lowered the woman onto her back and used a heel to push her underneath where her lumpy form blended with the shadows.

He held up a hand.

"Doesn't matter for now...We've got until dawn to work something out, by then what work we've done will need a better hiding spot. Firsts things first," He said, pausing to peer across the lot and beyond the fence to a dark mass on the otherside of the tarmac.

"There's a dump out there-- we'd be able to get to it from the back parking lot down to the machineshops. We'll have a good clean view of the place from the backside-- no way to tell what's going on out here. We'll atleast have a better view from the exposed backside to this place."

He looked back across to PT's waiting truck.

"For now let's stash the vehicles and assess the situation before the next shift arrives."

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping a human face...forever" ~George Orwell

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