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Default IVECO LMV (Light Multi-Role Vehicle).

IVECO LMV (Light Multi-Role Vehicle), developed in joint co-operation with BAE Systems (UK)
Adopted as:

The development of the Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) illustrates IVECO DVD (Defence Vehicles Division)'s outstanding ability to undertake rapid vehicle development programmes and to meet a range of threat levels. This completely new type of 4x4 on/off road tactical vehicle combines the roles of peacekeeping with peacemaking and follows the unique principles of “Dual Role” technology developed by IVECO. Under this concept vehicles are capable of operating with either varying levels of protection or in an unprotected state depending on the assessed threat. Protection is added without changing the external appearance of the vehicle, or affecting its automotive performance.

From the outset, LMV was designed to incorporate high tactical mobility with high maximum road speed and optimal off-road and cross-country performance. It has high protection levels against anti tank and anti personnel mines with an emphasis on crew protection rather than vehicle integrity. The inherent stealthy design ensures low probability of detection from optical, thermal imaging or radar sensors.
During the latest Defence Vehicles Dynamics Show 2006 (June 28th and 29th - Millbrook Proving Ground - Bedfordshire, UK), the LMV was first shown equipped with the new "Defender" SDWS (Self-Defense Weapon Station); an automated machinegun turret, operated from inside the vehicle by an operator equipped with a cloche and an Head-Up Display, which mounts a camera with day/night sights and any kind of machinegun (from .5'56mm MINIMI to .12'7mm M134 "Gatling" guns, 40mm automatic grenade launchers and 20mm light cannons). This system guarantees absolute crew survivability, especially as far as it concerns the machinegunners, normally the most endangered crewmen in combat operations.

Already selected for front line duties by British, Italian and Belgian forces and with a confirmed order book already in excess of 3,000 vehicles, LMV is without question the light tactical vehicle of choice for the 21st century.

IVECO - Defence Vehicles Commercial Operations Export
Via Volta, 6
39100 Bolzano
Tel: +39 0471 905111
Fax: +39 0471 905444

More informations:

IVECO LMV, in exposition in Belgium. The Belgian Armed Forces are evaluating the purchase of great quantities of the LMV.

IVECO LMV, equipped with "Defender" SDWS (Self-Defense Weapon Station) automated turret.

FIAT "Oltre" model, civilian-commercial version of the LMV aimed to the civilian and police forces market
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