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Old 05-04-2006
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Talking Video of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi not knowing how to use an M249...

Looks like the Great Warrior for Allah™ *snicker* doesn't know how to cycle the charging handle on an M249...


I love how the M249 jams, and he keeps pulling the trigger with this sort of 'Huh?' look on his face.

Looks like Zark needs to spend less time with his pet goat and more time with firing range training.

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Old 05-05-2006
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Talking Al-Zarqawi's video...

Saw it today on the news as they reported from the Press Conference that the US Command held to illustrate the find-out of those nice pieces of comic cinema by an US military expedition in northern Iraq. Apparently, those are "Out-takes" that were cut from the "final version" of the Al-Qaeda propaganda flick.

In that movie:
#1 - Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi fires an (evidently captured from killed US soldiers) FN "Minimi" M249-SAW light machinegun. It fires it keeping it shouldered, pulls the trigger several times letting rounds go out semi-auto, trying to switch it to full-auto with a very comic interrogative expression on his face, 'till the weapon jams. An out-of-frame voice then calls "Hurry, help the Sheikh!", and a hand intervenes from off-the-frame to unblock the bolt of the weapon.
#2 - Later in the movie, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi is firing an M-16/A3 or A4 rifle, captured from killed US soldiers. The weapon jams for a failure to chamber, and Al-Zarqawi shows to be unable to use the forward assist.
#3 - As a final comic scene, Al-Zarqawi is shown from behind moving towards a vehicle, escorted by his men. Interesting enough, under his black suit, he wears white NIKE tennis shoes (in full desert!). He is holding the M249-SAW from the previous scene, and handles it down to a militian of his escort. The militian passes it to one of his fellows, and the weapon passes from hand to hand three or four times, until one last militian grabs it from the barrel. Is our understanding that the weapon has just been fired in full-auto several times; the militian drops the weapon and blows several times on his hand screaming in pain.

What we can infer from the movie? But obviously that the "Sheikh" Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and his fellow "Allah Fighters" are NOT ONLY completely un-fond in the handling of firearms, but even lack the normal common sense that would prevent ANYBODY from grabbing from the barrel a firearm that has just been shot. And don't even know what kind of footwear is more appropriate to be carried in the desert.
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